Fernie Castle is in a superb location for anyone visiting Scotland, situated next to the A92 which is the main road from Edinburgh to Dundee. This 480 year old Castle with all the character of the past, with the comforts today’s visitors expects.The view of the Castle is first glimpsed through the wooded drive as one approaches. Situated in 17 acres of woodlands with it’s own lochan, there is ample parking and places to stroll.Once inside you will be greeted with a cheery open fire and a warm Scottish welcome.

Historical Fernie


The ancient Castle of Fernie was first recorded in I353 when it belonged to the Earl of Fife – Duncan the I3th. The family of Fernie held the lands as early as the I5th century – Walter Fernie being dead before 1496. In 1527 Andrew Fernie obtained a charter erecting Fernie into a free barony and he conferred the life-rent on his wife, Barbara Logane. Their son succeeded in 1551 and he sold it to Wlliam Fernie of Foxtoun 1582. Sir Michael Balfour of Balfour or Burleigh, died in I619, leaving an only daughter Margaret, who-married Robert Arnot, younger of Newton. He assumed the name of Balfour and sat in Parliament as second Lord Balfour of Burleigh. His youngest daughter married her cousin, the last Arnot of Fernie, and on extinction of that line the property of Wester Fernie fell to Lady Arnot’s eldest brother John who succeeded as third Lord Balfour. His estate was forfeited to the Crown because his second son was concerned in the Rebellion of 1715. His eldest son, Arthur Balfour, remained attached to the house of Hanover, and George I granted to him and his five brothers the lands and barony af Western Fernie in 1720.

Arthur died in 1746 leaving three sons who succeeded to the estate consecutively. John Balfour of Fernie became heir male in 1757 of the Lords Balfour of Burleigh, but he died without issue in 1795. He was succeeded by his oniy surviving brother, Francis who died in 1818. In 1854 the grandson Major Francis Balfour claimed the title of Lord Balfour af Burleigh, but the house af Lords on the reveal of attainder 1869, a judged that dignity to Alexander Hugh Bruce of Kennet, who was the descendant in the female line of Robert, fourth Lord Balfour. The duties of Forester of Falkland and Constable of Cupar were associated with the Barony of Fernie. The Castle remained a private house until it was sold in 1960 and converted into a Hotel.